Vodafone Germany w/ ISP-Supplied Modem/Router (Fritz!Box or Touchstone): Ongoing Discussion

I am also in Berlin and Vodafone cable client. I have a 6951, too, unbranded. ARC works well for me.

I never asked for a static IP, but in Online-Monitor it shows 2 different IPs for IPv4, no DS-Lite.

I have used MyFritz as a dyndns service. Maybe it is working here because of MyFritz?

Have you all tried this?

I still don’t understand how a router may change / decide about upstream infrastructure.

I don’t think it does.
I have an unbranded Fritz!Box 7590 and ARC doesn’t work with my 1&1 account, with DS-Lite-Tunnel, which seems to be the root cause as far as I understand all the theads correctly.

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My Fritz Box 6590 Cable with ISP Vodafone doesn’t show any IPV4 address at all, only an IPV6 address with DS Lite Tunnel. Tried all the hits and suggestions from several posts. There’s no way to get ARC to work because no external/public IPV4 address is provided by my ISP. These are granted only if you have a business account. Vodafone has switched residential accounts to IPV6 and has removed the associated public IPV4 addresses :frowning:

I have just researched Vodafone Business accounts. It seems fine to open one even if you don’t have a business and faster ones include a static public IP, while it’s an option in slower accounts for 5 euros per month.

The business accounts seem just a little bit more expensive than residential ones. Keep in mind that prices are given without VAT in this case.

OK, that was an hour productively spent on VF’s phone hotline to get my new “business” cable internet (300 Mbits down, 30 up) and mobile contract package (“Gigakombi Business”). Including a fixed IP, priority problem resolution service, and unlimited mobile data - for nearly the same price that I paid previously for a residential account package (also “Gigakombi”) with 250 Mbit and 10 GB mobile. ARC here I come.

You don’t actually need a business to do that.
(For the price, you’d usually get a 10 GB capped mobile plan, but there were some issues during my phone call with VF and I was nice to the sales person, so they threw in an unlimited mobile plan. Even with the 10 GB plan, though, the whole thing is a no-brainer)

EDIT: I wrote a more detailed version of this in a PM to @Connor. This might be helpful to others, so here goes:

It seems that Vodafone Germany customers afflicted with DS Lite are best off by just switching to a business account, which I just did. This is also a frequent recommendation on the Vodafone Forum by the VF mods, to have a right to a public IP and not be subject to goodwill (which may or may not be available or last). It turned out to be quite painless and not expensive at all.

  • Owning an actual business is not necessary to open a business account
  • URL for the business accounts: Internet & Festnetz für Geschäftskunden | Vodafone
  • A public (fixed) IP is included in all business accounts. Either as an option in the accounts with lower bandwidth (5 euros per month w/o VAT), or included in the faster accounts.
  • Just like for residential, they also offer rebates for internet and mobile contracts as a package.
  • The overall price for such a package is very close to the price of residential accounts with comparable speeds and mobile download caps. Maybe 5 euros more compared to current residential prices, but depending on the existing accounts it might also come cheaper.
  • When comparing, note that the residential website shows the price to-customer, i.e. with VAT (19%) included. The business website shows prices without VAT.
  • In the faster accounts, the first 6 months are rebated down to 0 euros. They also forfeit the setup fees, so the switchover is also free.

I didn’t do it via the website but on the phone, which took an hour with a sales person who was not very well-versed with business accounts, and they made some amends by throwing in an unlimited data plan for mobile. Meaning that for essentially the same price, I have switched from 250 mbps with DS Lite to 300 mbps with a fixed IP, and from a 10 GB mobile limit to an unlimited data plan, plus the added priority problem resolution for business accounts (very handy with Roon 2.0 online requirements!)

Vodafone Germany could avoid much of the unhappiness about DS Lite by simply offering an account type with fixed IP under a different name for residential accounts rather than just in “business” accounts.

EDIT 2: According to investigation by @Thomas_Forster and others, people who have their own Fritzbox (not rented from VF) seem to get an IPv4 assigned. Not sure if always or if there are additional factors. Worth a try maybe.


Changed my router (Vodafone station to FritzBox 6690, wanted to do that for years) and poof, ARC works fine!

Same here. I switched from the Vodafone TG3442DE to a Fritz!Box 6690, activated port forwarding, and ARC worked immediately. I’ll observe what happens when my ipv4 address changes, as I have a consumer contract (Red 250), not a business contract with a static IP address, but for now I’m happy with this solution. I’m in Leipzig, not sure whether this also works for Vodafone West (NW, BW, Hessen).

No idea, but I can confirm that it works for me after switching from the Vodafone box to a Fritzbox 6690 (bought, not rented from Vodafone). The Fritzbox gets an ipv4 address assigned (not static I suppose), and I can use ARC after setting port forwarding. Will observe what happens when the Fritzbox IP address changes.

It seems that only people with Fritzboxes provided by Vodafone have DS-Lite. Maybe because of the Vodafone software on these castrated FBs?

I also have a bought 6951 and have an IPv4 address, no DS-Lite. ARC works for me.

Interesting, you are not the only one, there might indeed be a difference with your own router, but I am not sure if always.

If that’s always the case, I wonder why they so often say no when asked for a routable IPv4 address in home accounts, why would they care then? Very curious.
The users on the VF forum also don’t seem to be mentioning this as a workaround - one would expect them to. The workarounds that I saw mentioned (e.g., using a VF router in bridge mode and adding a private one) always were in older threads and came with caveats (may or may not work, may not stay forever if VF makes changes)

I could try to verify it. I have a Vodafone 6591 in the cellar. But I had to change some things for a short test due to I have WiFi disabled at my FB, WiFi is provided by two repeaters.

But maybe I just unplug the repeaters, boot the FB and take a look to the online monitor.

If I‘ll find the time the next days I will do this.

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That would be very interesting

I was asking my neighbors. 3 of them have Fritzboxes provided by Vodafone.

Their online monitors are showing DS-Lite.

I have my own Fritz!Box. I have a IPv4 address, but it is not a static one. The connection has been renewed two days ago.

I remember in our former apartment I was checking the IP from time to time. It was also non-static, but it was always the same. We moved there in 2002, so the situation today with the lack of IPv4 addresses is different.

I slept on it one night and I decided not to test the Vodafone FB. Never change a winning team!

But maybe my findings are helpful.

If I would have a Vodafone FB and DS-Lite I would try to get a second hand 6490 on Ebay Kleinanzeigen to check if I would get a IPv4 address. If yes I would buy a 6690 and sell the 6490 again.

Hi There
Hi have a fritz box 6591 cable with vodafone.
I did what whoa as done and roon arc works.
I d’ont have PPv6 interface ID as per his screen shot but it works the same!
Thank you whoa

Hi there,

have a rented FritzBox 6591 from Vodafone. Since we booked the 3 telefon numbers with Powerupload option 2 years ago the router gets a real IPv4 address. ARC works like a charm.

What Firmware do you have? My rented 6591 from vodafone was automatically updated to 7.29 several month ago and it has the options that whoa shows on his screenshots. I’m in NRW.

7.29 as well but in Berlin

Hello! I use a ROCK which is connected to my router. Roon is up to date and Roon Arc is installed. The core is unable to connect, even though upnp is enabled.
Can you please tell what the problem is? What does the failure code 502 mean?Thanks and Rgs, Sven
“connectivity”: {“status”:“NetworkError”,“status_code”:502,“error”:“error: Error: connect ECONNREFUSED 178.xx.xxx.xx:xxxxx, response code: undefined, body: undefined”},
“external_ip”: {“actual_external_ip”:“”,“router_external_ip”:“”},
“status”: “status”: MultipleNatFound
“natpmp_autoconfig”: {“status”:“NotFound”},
“upnp_autoconfig”: {“server_ip”:“”,“found_upnp”:true}