Voice synthesis DJ

When shuffling or playing radio, it would be cool if roon could announce the upcoming song, like “and now here’s_____ by _____ from the album _____”. It could have random forms of that, throw in the time and temp every now and then, include the release date sometimes, some random phrase from the artist bio or album review occasionally, and maybe tell a joke or related factoid every now and then.

You could have options for male or female voice, how much or how little banter, your zip/postal code for weather/local info, etc.

Sorry, but no it would not be cool. DJs, whether real or synthesised are surplus to requirements, but most of them don’t seem to realise it yet.

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Not sure if this serious or not.

Yes, it’s a serious suggestion.

Slacker (now livexlive) had a feature like this but they used recorded voices. It, honestly, was kind of lame. Neat idea but ultimately made for a less enjoyable listening experience. If you want to know what you’re listening to then Siri or Google will tell you. I usually keep a display near by, just a cheap tablet. I’m not saying they shouldn’t do it I just think, based on experiencing other implementations, it would get very little use.