Volume adjustment not possible

I have just connected a Auralic Aries streamer, and with that running it is not possible to adjust the volume in the roon app.
What can i do to fix this problem?

The Aries is a streamer; it doesn’t have volume control since this is handled by the DAC or a preamp.

What DAC are you using with the Aries, and how is it connected?

Yes, the aries is a streamer but the Roon app has the volumecontrol and when playing through the Aries its not working. Playing through the Auralic app (and not Roln) the volume control is working.

Roon has a mix of fixed volume, hardware volume and DSP volume. Which is available depends on the DAC and how it is connected to the core or a streamer.

You still haven’t stated what DAC you use and how this is connected to the Aries.

Most likely, the Aries controller implements software, i.e. DSP, volume control. But without the answer to my questions, it is impossible to say.

Ok,… dont quite understand.
The Aries is connected to a digital input to my Wadia cd player. I can use the volume on the Wadia but hope it will be possible to use the volumebar in the Roon app as it is much easier with only one «remote» to handle.

Is this a coaxial cable or optical? If so, your options are limited to fixed volume and DSP volume. To change the settings, go to Device Setup, Volume control, and select the available option. Please note that S/PDIF doesn’t provide signalling between the streamer and DAC, which is why you can’t see the DAC in Roon.

It is a coaxial i think. Aes/ebu choice on the Wadia.

Ok, i will do as you suggest ant hopefully it will work.
If not, i will have to live without the volumecontrol in Roon?

I have 2 options.
Fixed and «unitvolume» (it is in norwegian not sure what it is called in english)

But i believe the volume worked until i did an update of the software earlier today. Can that be the case here?

By the way, i have another problem also after updating the roon. It is not working properly any more. Like the line isnt connected properly. The music comes and goes

Playing through the Auralic app, everything is fine.

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