Volume behavior with audiophonics dac and rpi4

I have troubles with the volume management with the audiophonics DAC and RPI4.
When I switch power on for the first time everything is OK, but if I load a new track then the volume is very low and the behavior totally erratic. Roon shows a volume of 27 with a red speaker icon. Sometimes the maximum volume device reported in Roon is 0.
Whatever I do I cannot get the volume higher. The only way is to recyle the power off/on, but I cannot then change to a new track.

I have no problem when using a RPI3 with the same audiophonics hat.

Any idea ?
Merci beaucoup
Claude Troncy

I can’t think what would possibly be the issue at hand, except faulty hardware.

On both PI’s we’re running the same kernel with the same driver for the Audiophonics.

Are you using their ES9038 DAC? I had the same issue with that unit so I sent mine to their Bordeaux workshop to have its firmware updated. Works great now!

I found out about this over at the Moode Audio forums. Issue was doing my head in.

Bonsoir and thank you very much for your answer.
Yes I have the ES9038 DAC. I will contact them to have the firmware updated.