Volume - button iPhone room remote

The volume - down button, 1.4 release, iPhone 8 latest iOS , does not function. Tried reboot etc. All other new volume arrangement seems to work as it should including volume + button. The slider seems to work fine. Anyone else with this issue? Devialet Expert Pro

Hi @Ray_Beck – we’re not seeing the same behavior over here. Are you seeing this consistently, or just once in a while?

Yes was since iPhone app updated. Mind you I have had a number of quirks with iPhone 8 and iOS 11 period . Roon server is on a win system, will try with my MBP and see. But yes the issue it self is consistent and was apparent from first use.

Problem solved… lol… the problem was the user… my Win box had not updated to 1.4

Apologies for my idiocy… all the best for the holiday season

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Thanks for letting us know Ray!