Volume+ button lags on ios remote

As of this day 12/6/20, I am running the latest versions of Roon on my core and remotes. This is such a strange issue I’m experiencing. When I use my iPhone as a remote to control the volume of playback (with Roon ROCK running on a NUC), I experience a sight lag when I press and hold the “+” button to increase the volume.

It's maybe not even a full second lag but it's noticeable and wasn't there for the last few years. The issue is the same whether the endpoint playing music is my network DAC feeding my hifi, or my iphone playing music through its own tiny speaker. The odd thing is that this is the "+" button on my iPhone is the only thing that lags. There is no lag when I press and hold the "-" button to lower the volume, and no lag if I use the slider to drag the volume up or down. Also, there is no lag when I press and hold the "+" button when using my laptop as a remote. I have been noticing this for a number of weeks, I think even before I switched from an iphone 6s to an iphone 12. I didn't log a ticket because I thought it was a tiny bug and that it would be resolved in due time. Has anyone else experienced this?

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