Volume buttons on iPhone ramp to last set volume, potentially causing speaker damage (ref#493J4C)

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After using the app on the my iPhone the volume buttons on iPhone ramp to last phone volume in that zone often taking the zone to full volume, if that’s the last setting on the phone, potentially damaging speakers. It often happens when I accidentally push the button when picking the phone up, putting in my pocket, etc.

Describe your network setup

Sonic modem, Firewalla router, ubiqiti switches and access points.

Hi @Scott_Sorensen,
Thanks for writing in to let us know about this issue. You can set volume limits in zone settings that should prevent this from happening in the future.
To access zone settings click the volume button and then the gear icon.
In the zone settings pop-up there is an option to limit the maximum volume.


I have set the volume limits prior to my service request. While this stopped the volume from instantly going to max it did not stop the volume from going to the limited max. Obviously, no mater what the limit is set at, this is something I’d like to avoid from happening.

If there is a way to disconnect the use of the physical buttons from the iPhone Roon app that would be a work around that I could live with.

Ah I understand under device setup there are a few options for volume control you can try out those and see if one of them prevents this. This article explains what the different modes do.