Volume by wheel

On Windows, when you use the mouse wheel over a scrollbar, it moves even if the window isn’t active.

Could you consider adding exactly the same functionality for the volume control? It would make changing volume infinitely easier compared to now where it requires multiple clicks…

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Hi Goran,

This seems like a Feature Request; so I am moving the thread to that section.


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I agree, it can be more clicks as it stands now, however this method is more precise and also more consistent.
With a scroll / slider, it’s harder to be precise or consistent.

I currently, really like the current volume method, please keep the current method, if an alternative is to be introduced.

For me wheel would be more precise as it doesn’t move freely, but in clicks. My suggestion wouldn’t alter the behaviour or existence of the current scrollbar solution.

Yes, I asked for something like this some time ago, and I still think it would be a great UI addition.

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