Volume changes for grouped zones

Roon has a convenient option to group zones.
When you want to change the volume of a group, you have to adjust the volume of each zone.
It would be handy if there was an option (checkboxes?) to lock/synchronize the volume sliders. So when you drag one slider, the other slider(s) adjust automatically.


Hi, I second that request…there are +/- buttons for grouped zones, but a slide that moves all the zones volume in tandem would be great! Thanks.

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I’d suggest to rather have something like this:

Better an additional “Master Fader”, so you can easily correct the matching between specific zones.

Trouble is, every device has its own “step width” (i.e. how many dB does a step up or down mean). So if the levels are matching for all zones at - say “50” it doesn’t necessarily mean it still matches at “30” or “70”. Icing on the cake: have the step width adjustable for each zone (and share the data for known volume controllers / implement them for “roon ready” devices). I know of some devices that even have split ranges (say 1.5 dB from 0 to 40, 0.5 dB from 41 to 100). Such ranges should be reflected as well.

If one zone runs into a limit (< 0 or > convenience level) it should remain there but remember the relation to the others. Meaning if the master returns to a level that allows it, pick up the previously “stuck” zone volume level and maintain the relation until a single zone fader is changed.

That would be quite hard to explain to people as to how it works. It’s ok having complicated pieces when they are hidden away where only the experts go, such as DSP. But this would be right upfront. Look how long your explanation was.

The only thing upfront is the Master fader as proposed by @Andy_Spinks.

My long description is just writing down common sense and a user would explore this in a second.
I proposed to have the “complicated stepping-stuff” hidden for “roon ready” devices users. One could have defaults, of course or hide it inside a configurable extension.

Other ideas?