Volume control and multiple remotes / devices

Goodmorning Roon friends :slight_smile:

Do you use separate remote(s) when listening to music with Roon?

When I use Roon with my Naim Nova (Roon ready) I am totally spoilt. Everything can be controled via the Roon app. My second setup is a different story though: Roon bridge on a mini PC => Rega Dac => Old Rega Amp. I have to pick up the Rega remote to change volume so essentially 2 devices in this case. Not the end of the world of course.

Including the Roon app, do you use additional remotes? Would you care to share some of your experiences?


both my pre/pro (Emotiva XMC-1’s) have an iOS app for remote control that I use when I’m too lazy to find the “weaponised” Emotiva remote.

My Ropieee LCD unit with IQAudIO DigiAMP+ I use roon to adjust volume. Likewise my other RPi DigiAMP+ setups

Normally my DAC’s (Vinshine R2R and OPPO Sonica DAC & HA-1) I run at 100% volume and use the XMC to adjust, but the 2 OPPO’s have IR remotes and iOS apps to control too.

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I love these iOS apps as well :slight_smile: Anything to avoid moving from the sofa

So I take it you are launching the Roon app to select tracks for playback and then exit to launch the XMC app for volume control?


Actually the Xmc has a preset volume at power on that I find adequate for general levels of listening. I’ll only change that should the need arise like moving to the kitchen to make coffee or food, or the Mrs leaves the house and I can whack it up a bit more without being screamed at :smiley:


Not a reply to your question but a question of my own.
How are you finding the Nova?
I have a Naim separates and am considering selling them to go toward the cost of a Nova. I had a Rega DAC at one point and sold that to buy Raspberry Pis and DACs.

I have a harmony hub so I do it all via my phone. Roon app to select music and control playback and harmony to turn everything on and control volume. I can also use the physical harmony remote for the volume If need be. I was using the Harmony Roon extension as well up until last week as its stopped being reliable. When it worked it was great as it would turn my whole kit on by pressing play in the roon app.

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Hi Ged,

The Nova is amazing. I don’t know how it compares to your separates but I find the sound smooth yet punchy. It has ‘polite’ highs so I found it a great partner with PMC Twenty5 speakers (during demo). I am using it with some Dynaudio m10s but I will in time move to PMC. If you are a Roon user primarily then you will love the Nova even more. It is controlled directly via Roon (including volume).

It is a very convenient device with great aesthetics too.


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Thanks Yiannis. I am looking at it for a 2018 purchase and good to hear that it is working well with roon as that is my primary source now. I will have to make sure that changing sources is easy on the unit itself as my wife’s primary source is till the CD player and on the pre-amp it is easy as she presses the CD button and off she goes…

Actually… I spoke too soon :-(. Encountered some problems with the Nova and in the process of discussing with Naim tech support. Might have to return the unit. Happy to discuss about this more via PM if you like.


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