Volume control between Roon and Librespot on Ropieee XL

Hi there

Firstly, I simply love Ropieee. It powers my working from home life! Thank you for giving so much to our community.

One question. I have noticed an oddity in the way volume is controlled between Roon and Librespot / Airplay.

When I set the volume of my Ropieee on Roon at a certain level (say 35 on Roon) that becomes the maximum volume if I switch to streaming from my Spotify app. Nothing I can do lets me increase the volume from the Spotify app (even if the volume on the Spotify app is at maximum).

When I am playing from Spotify, I can adjust the volume from the Roon app.

Does that make sense? Hope it is helpful to point this out.

Thanks again for your efforts.


When you’re using software volume control this is the result.

In case you have a HAT that supports hardware volume control then you can enable that for the XL services. In the web interface you can see if hardware volume control is available.


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Aha… perfect. Thank you.