Volume Control + Dropouts on Squeezebox Touch


Unfortunately, I have more or less the same problem now after moving to Nucleus+.

  1. if I turn volume up or down on Roon app, the music sound streamed from internal hhd at my Nucleus+ is gone
  2. after playing one track, the music stops
  3. playing internet radio, still using Roon, no problem.

Roon support, please address the issue, thanks.

12:44 pm today, 14th April 2019.

Hi Noris

My setup is quite simple:

  1. Combined router/wifi/modem from TDC HomeBox (Sagemcom)
  2. Nucleus+ connected via ethernet direct to the modem, no switch, extender, powerline adapters etc.
  3. The one and only Squeezebox Touch is connected via WiFi and running firmware 7.7.3 r16676

Just to stress again, the issue only appeared after moving from Nuc with Roon/windows to Nucleus/rock in my case.




11:30 pm, now the volume can’t be turned up/or down, afterwards the music stops playing.

First paying for a lifetime membership, then buying a Nucleus+ and now facing these problems, I wonder if my Roon decision was a right one - I hope so, still!

Hi @Redwine,

Thank you for sharing that additional timestamp, I have added it to your case as a data point.

You mentioned several times that this issue started when you switched over to the Nucleus+, can you check to see if the same issue occurs if you temporarily switch back to the PC as the Core?

This would only be a temporary test but I would also suggest making a Backup of the current Nucleus database beforehand. It would be interesting to see if this behavior carries over.

– Noris

Hi Noris,

Unfortunately, this is not possible since all my music files have been moved from my NAS to internal disc (Nucleus+).
I didn’t make a backup since I believed I could make a backup to the NAS from the Nucleus+ after cleaning up the music tracks (130.000 approx). I recently realized this is not possible with my NUC and the Nucleus doesn’t have this facility either.

Backup of the current Nucleus data base works and done frequently.

Even if you are unable to transfer your entire library over to the PC again, even having a small subset of the library + TIDAL/Qobuz would be helpful in seeing if this issue is Core specific. If you don’t want to perform this test, it’s ok but we will be missing the data point. My request for log analysis is still pending review by QA but as soon as I hear back from them I will be sure to let you know if they have follow-up suggestions.

Hi Noris,

The issue is I don’t keep the old nuc in my house anymore, so cant move my Roon server back again. I can of course transfer somefiles back to my NAS but understand this is not the issue.
The SB version, I also get the info its the latest version, believe it has something to do with location.

I do hope your QA soon clarify the course to this volume issue. I just start wondering however, if it has something to do with using the Ipad as remote controller, even it has always been the case.

Hi @Redwine,

I just checked the behavior on my iPad + ROCK core and my squeezebox touch is still responding to volume commands as expected, even after being powered on and active for 17 days.

We just released a new Roon build, can you let me know if you are still able to reproduce this issue? Full details for the release can be found below:

If you are still able to reproduce do let me know and I can add that as a data point to your case, things should be calming down a bit on QA’s end now that the release is out and I hope to have some feedback for you soon.

– Noris

Hi @Redwine,

I have split your posts over to a separate thread so we can better discuss this issue. I spoke to the QA team regarding the diagnostics from your Core and they have noted that the traces appear to be a bit different than @Terje_Haaskjold’s in the sense that you are having Dropouts as well.

It appears that your iPad is constantly disconnecting and reconnecting back again which may indicate that this issue is networking related. Can you let me know if you are able to use the iPad as an audio zone without any issue?

I also have a few other follow-up questions for you:

  • Can you use the Logitech remote to properly control the volume of the Squeezebox in general?
  • When this issue occurs does the Logitech remote still function?
  • Does simply rebooting the device (and not the Core) restore functionality?
  • What happens if you change the volume via Roon when playing Internet Radio?


Hi Noris,

Thanks for input.
I am in the process of moving the coming days to a new place with a complete new network.

So I will address your questions when up running again in case I still face the issue.


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