Volume control for PS Audio Direct Stream DAC

Just ordered this new DAC that has a digital volume control and remote but was wondering if I can control volume within Roon so I don’t need to carry the PSA remote around just for volume.

Works from within Roon…I have same DAC.

I guess you’re not waiting for the new PSA TSS DAC? (rumoured to be $20Kish!!!)

Yes, you can control the volume via the Roon app. Congrats on getting a great DAC. I have a DSJr.
Great folks on the PS Audio forums too…

Yes, Roon can control volume but only if Bridge II is installed. DSjr includes Bridge II but it’s optional on Sr. Without Bridge II, Roon cannot control volume.

Is that by changing from Fixed volume to Device volume? I thought that setting uses Roon DSP based volume control, and not the fine lossless volume control in the DAC itself.

Sorry folks, of course it is. it works fine, should have tried before asking…


Yes this used to work For me until May 2020.

But all the sudden it randomly doesn’t work at all!?

I can change the volume slide 0-100% but nothing happens with the sound level. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Has anyone encountered the same issue? :roll_eyes:

by any chance aren’t you running some UPnP/OpenHome/Spotify controller in your network which would be fighting with Roon over the DACs volume setting ?

Nothing that I’m aware of, Spotify is banned from my house due too low resolution, google/Siri/amazon services not used either, no smart TV or other voice managed controls.
The only difference that I can find is a change of router from ASUS RC AT-3200 to a NETGEAR NIGHTHAWK RAX200… which by the way was not much of an uplift :blush:

Have you rebooted the DAC? Power it off completely using the rear rocker switch, not the front blue logo standby switch.

I presume you’ve got the Bridge II card. Volume is controlled via this card and its not the most stable piece of silicon/code on the planet.

Yes and it resolves the problem but only temporarily…