Volume control for PS Audio Direct Stream DAC

Just ordered this new DAC that has a digital volume control and remote but was wondering if I can control volume within Roon so I don’t need to carry the PSA remote around just for volume.

Works from within Roon…I have same DAC.

I guess you’re not waiting for the new PSA TSS DAC? (rumoured to be $20Kish!!!)

Yes, you can control the volume via the Roon app. Congrats on getting a great DAC. I have a DSJr.
Great folks on the PS Audio forums too…

Yes, Roon can control volume but only if Bridge II is installed. DSjr includes Bridge II but it’s optional on Sr. Without Bridge II, Roon cannot control volume.

Is that by changing from Fixed volume to Device volume? I thought that setting uses Roon DSP based volume control, and not the fine lossless volume control in the DAC itself.

Sorry folks, of course it is. it works fine, should have tried before asking…