Volume control for Raspberry DAC+

I have just purchased a Raspberry DAC+ standard. Burned the Roon CLient image from HiFiBerry website image (https://www.hifiberry.com/build/download/).

The device was immediately reconginzed in Roon as Beocretae (ShareportSync) audio device.

Problem is that, although I try to adjust the volume via the slider control in Roon, this does not have any efferct on the actual volume of the speakers.

Can somebody please help? Can’t understand what I could be possibly doing wrong.


That is weird: the Roon client image should show your Pi/DAC+ combo as a RoonReady endpoint. In your current situation, Roon is seeing your Pi as an AirPlay device.

You may want to redownload the image (it’s been a while since I tried it, but if memory serves me well, there’s no configuration involved – right?).

Alternatively – if you’re thinking about using the Pi/DAC+ as Roon endpoint only, you could download and flash Ropieee. It’s a simple, self-installing distribution made for one pupose: running Roon Bridge on a Pi.

Thanks @RBM

Downloaded, burned and booted Raspberry: works like a charm! Many thanks, I was not aware of ropiee’s existence.