Volume control help please! (BDP2)

I’m new to Roon. My Roon core for the moment is my MacBook. Roon then runs this way: BDP2 > BDA2 > BP17. I am hoping that someone can help me get the volume control on the Roon app to work.

If I play Roon through my MacBook, the Roon volume control works fine. But when I play music through my BDP2 and main system, the Roon volume control is “fixed” on that device. However, when I go to settings for the BDP, it very clearly says that the volume control is “device volume.” (The other option is “Fixed volume.”)

I can see nothing else to do in the Roon settings. Is there something on the BDP dashboard that will free up the volume control?

I can still control the volume through the preamp, but as I don’t have a remote it means walking across the room every time I want to adjust the volume.

Many thanks!

Thanks to Bryston’s superb support, I got the answer (and this thread can be closed).