Volume control hooks in roon bridge?

I have Roon Bridge installed on Raspbian, and it’s working beautifully. I’m running the audio out through a Hifiberry Digi+ board to a trinnov amethyst preamp.

I am now wondering if there is a way to hook into the volume control for the roon bridge endpoint, so that I can translate the volume commands and send them to the preamp rather than using the DSP volume control in Roon. The music seems a bit clearer when I let the trinnov handle the volume.

The trinnov unit supports a simple telnet-like protocol to control it, so if there is some way to tap into this in roon bridge I should be able to fairly easily link the two.

Does the Trinnov not have a remote control? Set Roon vol to 100% and use the remote.

I would like to be able to use the volume control in the roon app, which is what I’m interacting with to basically control every other aspect of the system. It would be an improved user experience.

The functionality you’re after typically requires the device itself to be Roon Ready and to support volume control via Roon. I believe there are some Roon Ready endpoints that do what you want and that in the absence of that kind of direct integration Roon has no way of knowing where the volume is at, hence it’s unlikely you’ll be able to do what you want other than possibly by way of the API.

Ahh. Thanks for the pointer. It looks like this is supported in the API.

For anyone else who runs across this question, see ‘volume control’ in the API docs: https://github.com/RoonLabs/node-roon-api