Volume control issue on Squeezebox Touch

(TerjeH) #1

when I try to adjust volume on my Squeezebox Touch from a Roon controlpoint (iphone, ipad or pc) nothing happens. Volume remains the same, only a stuttering sound while dragging the slider.
It used to work fine before and nothing has changed in my setup exept for Roon Core and app sw updates.

Running on:
Roon Optimized Core Kit build 1.6 Build 401
Roon OS version: 1.0 Build 174
Control Point PC: Roon Version 1.6 Build 401 64-bit



Restart all units including SB, worked for me.

(TerjeH) #3

Yes, thanks for replying, when I restart Roon Server on ROCK it works again, but only for a few hours…
Is there a more permanent fix?

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Hello @Terje_Haaskjold & @Redwine,

I am testing out the Squeezebox touch we have in-house on ROCK + PC Remote with the latest Roon versions and I am not seeing any of the issues you reported with the volume controls.

Can you let me know what you have set up for the Volume Control mode in Roon Settings -> Audio -> Cogwheel icon next to Squeezebox -> Device Setup?

I have mine configured to Device Volume and it is responding as expected and I am able to control this volume even after a few tracks.


(TerjeH) #7

Thanks for answering Noris.
Mine is also configured to Device Volume. No DSP , no volum leveling so plain vanilla setup. I have two SB Touch and both are behaving the same way.

I think you maybe need to test more than a few tracks.
For me, after Roon Server restart, it sometimes works well for a day before the symptoms show up.

So I think it must be related to Core in some way.
As a workaround, is it possible to schedule a nightly restart of the Roon Server on ROCK?



@noris & @Terje_Haaskjold

Same reply here, but shouldn’t be right that constant restart of Roon server is required.

Please notice, the issue only appeared after moving from Nuc with Roon/windows to Nucleus/rock in my case.

(Noris) #9

Hello @Terje_Haaskjold & @Redwine,

I would agree with you both here, a restart of Roon Server should not be required and it’s better that we address this issue if reproducible. I have set up my Squeezebox Touch zone to play on shuffle from my ROCK and will leave it overnight to see if I can get into the state you mention.

One other thing that might help here is taking a look at the diagnostics from your Cores when you are in this state. While I test on my end, can you please let me know the exact local time in your country (e.g. 4:16PM) when you next observe this issue? Once that information is received I can go ahead and enable diagnostics for your Cores and take a look for any error traces around that timestamp.


(TerjeH) #10

Hi Noris
It has been fine for apprx 4 days but right now (4:19PM) it appeared again…
Can you trace it in the log?

When I approached the Touch itself to adjust the volume, I saw on the display that it was reconnecting to Roon Core and for a few brief moments it was possible to adjust volume from the PC again before the stuttering returned !!!??


(Noris) #11

Hello @Terje_Haaskjold,

Thanks for letting me know that timestamp. I have been running my squeezebox touch for the last 3 days without issue, so I am not sure if it would need the full 4 days to get into this state, but it’s been responding as expected on my end so far.

I’m going to ask QA to take a look at the diagnostics around the 4:19PM timestamp you mention to see if there is anything strange regarding the commands, but as far as I can tell Roon is still sending the proper commands and it may just be the Touch that’s not responding to them properly.

I need some more information here to have a complete report for QA to review though. Can you let me know the model/manufacturer of all your networking gear including router, any switches, range extenders, powerline adpaters, ect?

Also, what version of Squeezebox firmware are you running? You can check this by going to Squeezebox settings -> Advanced -> About and seeing what version is listed there.


(TerjeH) #12

Hi Noris
My setup is quite simple:

  1. Combined router/wifi/modem from my ISP (https://www.altibox.no/en/customer-service/internet-en/home-centre/fmg/)
  2. ROCK connected on ethernet via a Linksys EZXS55w, 10/100 5 port switch
  3. The two Squeezebox Touch is connected via WiFi and running firmware 7.8.0 r16754


(Noris) #13

Hi @Terje_Haaskjold,

Thanks for providing that network setup. Now that I have the full case info, I have asked QA to review the diagnostics received and provide an analysis. I appreciate your patience until I hear back from them, do note this may take a bit of time to reach their queue.


(TerjeH) #14

NP Noris, until a better solution I have no problem rebooting my Roon Server every 4-5 days, but a scheduled script doing this job would be appreciated if it could be provided…


(Noris) #16

Hi @Redwine,

Thanks for letting me know that info, I have enabled diagnostics mode for your account and what this action will do is next time your core is active and online, a log report will automatically be generated and uploaded for analysis. Can you also let me know the additional info as Terje did?

– Noris

(TerjeH) #17

I just noticed that when I face the problem and there actually IS a response when dragging the volume bar, the volum stays put for that song but when the next song starts playing the volume is back to previous level again. Weird stuff… hope you figure it out somehow Noris.


(Noris) #19

Hi @Terje_Haaskjold & Redwine,

Thank you for letting me know that info, I have created a case for you with our QA team and the information + diagnostics is still pending review by the QA team.

Just as a note, the Squeezebox touch I have for testing has been powered on and active for the last 14 days with no issue with regard to volume control, so this may end up being something environmental triggering this behavior.

This issue doesn’t by any chance happen on other zones as well? For example are you able to reproduce this on “System Output”?


(TerjeH) #23

Hi Noris,
I only experience this on my two Squeezebox Touch endpoints.
What firmware are you using?

I have Chromecast Audio, Ipad, Iphone and a PC working without issues.
I also have a Squeezebox Receiver somewhere which I can test if I manage to find it…


(Noris) #24


@Terje_Haaskjold -

I am using Version 7.7.3 r16676, same as Redwine. I just checked for any possible software updates and my touch is saying that this is the newest firmware available, but you seem to have 7.8.0 installed on yours. I wonder if this could be part of the puzzle, but Redwine is saying that he is able to reproduce this issue on 7.7.3 which I am unable to do so.

– Noris

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(TerjeH) #27

Happened again just now… 26/4 5:17 PM

All components updated to 416:

Roon Server Software
Version 1.6 (build 416) stable
Running 1 day, 26 minutes, 45 seconds.