Volume control limits [done for 1.4]

Yes, it’s finally here and I’m incredibly excited! Roon natively streaming to the Devialet seemed like a far-fetched idea not too long ago.

So firstly, thank you, this is amazing!!

That said, your volume control is very easy to set to 100%. I know it can be disabled, but I’d still like to use it - but without fear!!!

Please could we have a user-definable volume limit in the zone config.

I don’t think mine has ever gone beyond -20 which is incredibly loud in my space. It’s max of +30 would be incredibly uncomfortable, perhaps even damaging to the speakers. Mine is 250W and I’m worried. Other users with models above mine have 400W, 440W, 800W and even 1000W at their disposal.

I’d hate anyone to damage their speakers, hearing, or just have a near heart attack moment!!!

I would set my upper limit to -20, if I needed to go beyond that id be happy to go and modify my settings.

Thanks again for AIR!!!

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Actually I would love that for ALL zones…as you never quite know what others will do when they start messing about in such settings like variable volume in the Roon interface.

Especially useful for DAC/AMP HATS that are driving Active speakers.

I’ve had the odd heart stopping moment when this has happened and now I am so wary that when I adjust the volume on some of my RPi endpoints I ready my hand to pull the power just in case :flushed:

I think a max + adjustment in a single step might be better, so if you are on -40 and click where +10 would be the vol goes to -35, if the max + change was set to 5. This way you could still go to very high volumes, but it would take a few clicks.

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I like it. But I don’t want the possibility of going to higher volumes. I want it locked off ‘hard’. Of course, this would be optional and you wouldn’t set it if you were happy to go to your devices max limit.

Totally agree with this request… having a volume slider on a phone is just asking my thumb to do something really stupid. I love that Roon has integral volume control (particularly with my Devialet now). It’s awesome to have such control, but on a touch device, it’s just way too risky as currently implemented (particularly with my grandkids around). We’re all here to give you our thoughts (like different sensitivity, a max limit, etc…), but Roon, you’ve proven over and over again to be experts in UI so I have great confidence that you will come up with a perfect solution for this. Until then, my fat thumbs require that I disable volume control within Roon for now.

I also totally agree with this request.

Once I have accidentally set the volume to 100 % on Roon when I was listening with my headphone setup and I can say that it was a scary experience.

I have the Devialet 1000 Pro and I definitely don’t want anything similar to happen with it. It would most probably cause significant damage to my speakers (or my hearing or both).

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This is a great idea… it’ll be a challenge to get the UI better than just a cap, but I have some ideas…


I do like the way Devialet do it in their app, where sliding your finger does a delta change, not absolute jump to. A swipe left and right for vol up and down should work.

Being able to limit the volume is essential IMO. I would also like to see a mute button, preferably next to the volume slider.

Other than that, this is superb Danny, thank you so much for your persistence on this implementation.

If an alternative to the slider is too much then perhaps making the slider much longer (together with a limit cap) will make it easier to fine tune the volume. Especially for male fingers on a small tablet or phone.

@allenB - there is a mute button - click on the speaker icon on the left of the slider bar.

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Or the pause button :wink:

Gotcha … thanks

Another big plus for he idea of a stop on volume. It is very sensitive and i have had a possible driver damaging moment.

Please make this happen. I think a plus and minus button for volume may be better than a slider with the ability to set a limit.

Other than that so far i really like this…

Agreed here also, a limit to the volume that can be set or a less sensitive control (or both) would be great.

With my 5 years old daughter around I am really afraid to have to buy a new pair of Wilson Benesch soon… :wink:


We are on this.

I can’t give any schedules or details, but I’m positive all of you will be happy with the result.


Great, thanks!

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