Volume control? NAD D 3020

Hey Rooners,

Does anyone know if Roon will pass along volume control for an NAD D 3020 connected via USB? i.e., can you adjust the volume of the amp through the Roon interface?


I am connected to my NAD D 3020 via the Toslink cable and can get 24/192. I am set at 100% volume and use the NAD remote to increase/decrease volume. Using software to make volume changes is never the best choice for volume control.
But, if you want to do it, then look under Audio Device settings and choose DSP Volume as that will let Roon do the volume control.

Thanks @Rugby for the feedback - looking at a system that will run the outdoor speakers on the deck and remote volume would be key. Not seeking high fidelity, just high convenience here.

I t hink that amp sounds great actually. I have it running a pair of totem arros.