Volume control of concero HP DAC not working properly in direct mode

I just downloaded roon version 1.3 (build 223) on macOS and I am liking it so far. However, I am using it to drive a Resonessence Labs Concero HP DAC in exclusive mode. Volume control mode is set to “use device controls”. I can use the GUI to control the volume of the stream. However, instead of controlling the volume of the DAC’s media stream, both the media keys on the keyboard and the Concero’s on board volume knob control the internal speaker volume instead of the media stream which is very annoying. Volume control via media keys/concero volume knob works fine in Audirvana. Is there anything I am doing wrong or is this a bug? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

We can take a look at this, but can you clarify exactly what you mean by “media keys” and “internal speaker volume”?

Are you saying the volume knob on the DAC is controlling your Mac’s volume, instead of the DAC’s output? And CTRL+Up/Down does the same thing?

Hi Mike,

Thanks a lot for your reply and my apologies for being unclear. First off, CTRL+Up/Down works fine (if the roon GUI is in focus) and properly adjust the volume when the DAC is in exclusive mode. However, the DAC’s USB HID volume control is not connected/synced with Roon. I.e., while playing a stream through the DAC in exclusive mode, if I adjust the volume on the DAC it changes the Mac’s system volume instead of the volume of the stream. Similarly, if I use the media volume keys on the Mac keyboard this again changes the system volume instead of being routed to the the DAC’s HID. Thus, it looks like the DAC’s USB HID volume control is somehow not properly synced with roon when in exclusive mode. Hopefully this clarified things a bit.