Volume Control on Dion Audio Loco HAT

Hi Guys,

Can anyone help me out, I have just received my Dion Audio Loco AMP.
I have several Pi’s running Dietpi as Roon endpoints in my house. All are configured with volume control set to use device controls. Now with my Loco this is not working and I am now using DSP volume control.

Within Dietpi there is no preset for the Loco. It automagically was recognised by Roon and didn’t need to select the audio device in the Dietpi Config menu.

Can I use the HifiBerry AMP profile or is there an other way?


As far as I can see, the correct overlay is present in DietPi. It could be that the Loco supports autodetect and the correct overlay is loaded automatically – otherwise you may have to add ‘dtoverlay=dionaudio-loco’ to /boot/config.txt.

What does ‘aplay -l’ say?


The overlay is loaded correctly.
There is audio, only no volume control.

I can’t find whether it supports hardware volume control orwhat dac chip is used.

I had hoped that someone om the forum had Some experience with it.

It sounds rather Nice I have to say.


I contacted Dion Audio. The unit has no hardware volume control.
upcoming v2 does have it and a more beefier ends stage of the amp.

Thx for the reply though.