Volume Control on Hegel H390

Hi @noris,

Tried to solve my volume issue with your above advise, but without succes.
I’ve just purchased the Hegel H390 and use my Macbook as a Roon Core. While i play over airplay to the H390, the volume control is both controllable through the amp and through the roon app.
As soon as I try to play from Macbook > USB > H390, I can’t seem to get the volume control to work the same way as the airplay way. Fixed volume seems to be the best way, but I don’t like to grab the remote of the amp all the time, mayor change in user experience IMHO.

Hope there is something I looked over.



Hi @Brian_da_Graca,

Can you please share a screenshot of your Signal Path when this issue is occurring? Does DSP Volume have the same behavior?

Have you changed the setting in the Hegel’s setting for USB?

Hi Noris, will make a screenshot tonight.

Hi @Mark_Hyland,

You mean that there are settings within the H390 for the USB insert?

Did you manage to resolve this? I have the same issue with my H590, was working fine but I had to reset my amp this morning and have since lost volume co trip on USB.

Hegel has a video describing how to set up Roon with the H590 for volume control - it might possibly help with your problem?


Nope, sold my H390. Too frustrating waiting for Roon.

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Thank you, I found this just after posting and remembered going through the same pain when I first set up. On another forum people have suggested not using Roon for volume control as it effects sound quality. Testing that now…

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