Volume control options affecting sound quality and volume levels

My DAC (Musical Fidelity M6siDac) is in locked position (function that gives volume control to amplifier) and I can only change the volume either manually from my integrated amplifier (Musical Fidelity NuVista 800) or digitally from Roon. I prefer to always have the chance to use my iPhone Roon application to control the volume and not just rely only on the amplifier’s control so I have set Volume Control to: “Device” and not “Fixed”. I have read though that I compromise quality this way and that the best is “DSP Volume”. When I tried “DSP Volume” the first thing I noticed was that the Signsl Path changed instantly to: “High Quality” from: “Enhanced” with everything else unchanged. But with my amplifier set even to the maximum volume and the maximum DSP Volume from the Roon control iPhone app) there was a VERY low maximum volume, nothing close to the real maximum that I can achieve otherwise. Am I doing something wrong with DSP, is there a better quality when using DSP Volume?

I would use the Device Volume option if that works. The DSP volume is the worst option to my ear.

For best results use the amp volume . Digital volume controls are not going to be as good as using the pre in the amp what ever way you use it. The quality of the digital volume in DACs and streamers varies widely. If you amp has IR control I would look at using a harmony hub control with Deep Harmony Roon extension which will allow Roon app to control your amps volume.

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