Volume Control - Peachtree Nova

For those of you using Peachtree Nova amps with Roon, what volume control settings do you use?

I have the Nova150, which features a " Volume Control Bypass Input Mode" (VCBIM).
I seem to get the best sound quality when I activate VCBIM on the amp, while setting Roon audio to “use device control”. If I let the amp fully control volume, the soundstage/imaging isn’t as good. It almost sounds like mono, with the vocal image localized to the side of the room I’m sitting in. Vocals seem to be closer to center stage with VCBIM activated.

However, when using VCBIM, a couple of times I’ve fired up Roon and gotten 100dB volume. This happens if the amp is off, I start Roon, then turn the amp on. I’m afraid one of these days I’ll blow a speaker. I suppose one work-around would be to leave the amp always on.

I’m running Roon server on a Mac Mini and connecting to the Nova150 via USB. I have a pair of Totem Arro speakers.