Volume Control – Possible enhancements?

Windows GUI – once the volume slider is on the screen use the mouse scroll wheel to change it. (my thinking is – click volume symbol, scroll wheel to change volume, click again to hide)

Windows GUI - Volume popup window to automatically disappear after say 30 seconds of not being changed.

iPad - Actual volume buttons to change the volume of the selected zone (currently Sonos does this and it’s very useful)

Thank you to all.

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Roon developers will always choose consistency across platforms and not implement features very specific to an operating systems. FYI

Roon 1.2 has “WASAPI volume control to ASIO zones.” Does this mean that I can now enable volume control for my ASIO that is 24-bit or better? Let me clarify, if the music is 96 kHz/24 bit, then most software volume controls make everything 8 bit. VERY BAD! Is the Roon Slider now 24-bit?