Volume Control Questions

I’m not clear as to the difference between “Device Control” and “Fixed Volume”?

The default on Roon goes to “Device”. Is this based on the Dac shown in Roon for me, or is that the default regardless of what device Room sees me using?

My player is the Lampizator Pacific, which has it’s own high quality Vol Control.

However I will be soon using a separate Preamp.

Of the Roon Options: “Device Control” or “Fixed Volume” is there one or the other best suited to the Dac Vol Control? How about the PreAmp?

Totally lost…

This page gives a decent overview https://kb.roonlabs.com/Audio_Setup_Basics

If your device has a USB volume control you might want to go for Device Control. Once you get the pre amp you probably want to go with fixed…