Volume control via USB?

Am I correct in assuming that in the case a Sonore Sonicorbiter SE connected to e.g. a Naim Mu-so Qb via its USB input, there would be no control of the volume (of the Naim unit) via the Roon app?

I think the Mu-So family has a USB host port, meaning you could plug in a flash drive or an iPhone (with the Mu-So acting as the “computer”).

I do not believe that it acts as a USB audio device. You will probably need to use the optical output on the SonicOrbiter SE to connect to it.

You can enable software-based volume control on the SonicOrbiter SE and adjust the volume via Roon, but this will not sync with the volume wheel on the Mu-So.

Thanks. My mistake, for some reason I thought the Qb has a USB audio input