Volume control with naim

I have a few problems. First i will show you my setup.

  • Naim ND5XS2 and Naim Supernait 2
  • Naim App, Software 5.13.1
  • Chromecast, Software 1.21.75965
  • QNAP HS 251+
  • Fritzbox 6490 cable
  • Apple iPad mini 2, Software 12.3.1

My problems are:

  • i’d done the settings, you had recommend => I can not control the volume with the roon-app
  • i will play with the roon-software lossless => The sound is not so good, if i will playing with the raat-Format

Thank you for your help and excuse me for my unperfected english.

Hi @Thomas_Ciroth,

Welcome to the Community! Can you please provide some more information here:

Which of the above devices are you having issues controlling the volume on? It is not clear if it is the ND5XS2, Supernait 2 or Chromecast device. Can you please be more specific and also attach a screenshot of your Device Setup tab for the affected zone?

You can attach screenshots here by using these instructions (<-clickable link) and Device Setup can be accessed in Roon Settings → Audio → “Cogwheel icon” next to the desired zone → Device Setup. This screenshot should look something like this:

I am not sure what you are asking about here, are you saying that the RAAT output is not as good as Airplay or USB? RAAT delivers bit-perfect audio and this is what should be reaching the DAC.

Are you by any chance performing any DSP on the audio when using RAAT? Can you please share a screenshot of your Signal Path when there is content being outputted via RAAT? Signal path looks like this for reference:

You can’t use Roon to control the volume on Naim streamers. This is by design from Naim. You should be using the preamp/amp to control the volume in the analogue domain. The volume control on the streamers is a digital one and only their to get Airplay certification and they highly recommend not to use it.

There are ways to use a harmony hub remote and Roon that can control your Naim amp.

Please explain more as to how you are streaming to the NDX. How did you configure it when setting up your Roon core.

Hi @Thomas_Ciroth,

In addition to the above info, can you clarify if you are trying to use the System Automation feature to control the volume of the Supernait 2? Are you able to perform volume control through the Naim app for these zones?

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