Volume decreases significantly when connected via USB to a Nucleus+

Hi, I ran an experiment today and moved my audio system around in the room.

Previously, my Resolution Audio Cantata DAC was connected to an iMac and I ran Roon through the iMac as an endpoint via the network (the Nucleus+ is directly connected to the router). Today, I moved the system and connected the DAC directly to the Nucleus+ via USB. Roon worked - it saw the Cantata - but the volume from my amp was significantly decreased. I had not experienced this in the past when I had the DAC connected directly to the Nucleus+.

Nothing else was changed or done differently. I experimented with the different volume settings in Roon, but none had any impact. I had to turn the amp up to about 50% volume to begin to start hearing the music.

I then put the system back in the original location with the Cantata DAC reconnected to the iMac. The volume was back to normal, issue resolved.

Are there other volume settings for when connected to the Nucleus+ via USB? Is USB out from the Nucleus+ typically lower than other endpoints?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Andrew_Thompson,

Can you please share a screenshot of the Signal Path when the DAC is connected to the iMac vs when it’s connected to the Nucleus?

Also, please note the exact local time + date + track you experience this behavior on each of the respective devices in case further diagnostics are needed.

Unfortunately, it’s a lot of work to move the system back to where I was experimenting with it yesterday. But I’ll make sure to do this if there is an issue ever again.

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