Volume drop from core audio

Roon Core Machine

Macbook Pro running latest Monterey 12.6 OS
M1 Pro
16GB memory

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Virgin 200mb
Wired via TP Link extenders (aware this may restrict). Also running on wifi.
Android and iOS remotes

Connected Audio Devices

Arcam irDAC/USB
KEF LSX 50s on the same network, via android Roon remote

Number of Tracks in Library

just over 1600 albums

Description of Issue

I realise there could be any number of reasons for this but before I start replacing amps, want to check if it’s a known issue out of Roon. All of a sudden the volume from my core audio through the Arcam irDAC has dropped significantly and I now need to turn it up significantly to be able to get any sort of decent sound. None of the volume settings have changed, they’re all maxed and in exclusive mode, levelling is off. Any ideas most welcome.

And the KEFs have the same volume as before or also lower?

Same problem here.

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Thanks for the response @Suedkiez. Yeh volume is fine through the kefs, its from the core through the arcam into a marantz amp and a pair of monitor audio’s, that’s the issue.

that @SKBubba, appears to have worked! Thank you kind sir :clap:

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