Volume from USB to DAC lower than AES to DAC

I’m using Ropieee with a RPi4 with USB from the RPi into a Soncoz SGD1 DAC.

I also have a Logitech Transporter that I can stream to using Roon. I use the AES/EBU input to the Soncoz DAC.

I’ve found that sending the same file to either the RPi using USB or to the transporter using AES the volume is at a much lower level with USB from the RPi. I have both devices set as fixed volume in the Roon device settings as I am controlling the volume with the Soncoz DAC.

Is there something else I can set in the Ropieee settings to adjust the volume level?

I have installed PiCoreplayer on my RPi4 in place of RoPieee. The volume from the USB input to the DAC is now the same as that from an AES/EBU source. It seems that the issue with the different volume levels between USB and AES inputs to the DAC is with Ropieee.

I have the PiCoreplayer enabled in Roon as a Squeezebox device. Fixed volume level.

Is there any other volume setting in Ropieee. I can see ‘forced volume’ but I don’t know what that is supposed to do?

Actually, it sounds to me as if this is a Roon Core thing. Depending on how it sees your endpoint, what it sees that endpoint as being.

I’m somewhat confused…

Comparing Roon to Squeezeplay wrt volume levels doesn’t say that much as we’re talking about totally different protocols.

So we are talking about the volume levels when using Squeezeplay in a XL setting, right?

This is the secanario.

  1. Roon Core server > Ethernet > RoPieee > Raspberry Pi4 > USB cable to DAC.

  2. Roon Core server > Ethernet > Logitech Transporter > AES/EBU cable to DAC.

The DAC has a digital volume control so both devices are set to fixed volume in Roon.

If I leave the volume control at the same setting on the DAC and I play the same file to setup #1 and setup #2, without changing the volume level on the DAC, the output level is much lower with the USB input from RoPieee than it is with the AES from setup #2.

If I replace setup #1 with:-

Roon Core server > Ethernet > PiCoreplayer > Rasberry Pi4 > USB cable to DAC.

Then the volume output level is the same with both this and AES input setup #2.

I hope that explains the problem a little better. The volume output from the DAC should be the same no matter what the source is.

But when connecting to the Logitech Transporter yo’re not using RAAT. Your using the original protocol for the Squeezebox devices.

If you use DSP in Roon I can guaruantee you that it won’t be the same.

But ok, I think I understand what you’re trying to achieve :wink: Have you enabled ‘Force Volume’ on the USB settings in RoPieee?

I don’t use any DSP in Roon, and I have not enabled ‘Force Volume’ I’m not sure what it does and what value should I enter in the level setting?

Thanks for your help.

Problem is resolved. Thanks for the help.

I noticed that the Rpi would not boot consistently from the SD card. I flashed a fresh new card with the latest image and it seems to be OK now.