Volume goes automatically to max (QNAP, LINN, LSX)

Roon Core Machine

QNAP TS215J 8G RAM (2xSSD 4 Tbye, RAID1), Roon only
LAN trunc (max CPU 13 %, Roon 814 QNAP & Client

Networking Gear & Setup Details

LAN Gbit CAT 7, Zyxel 1900-24 (2x: NAS-Switch cellar - CU-Fiber - Fiber -CU → Switch → LINN / LSX

Connected Audio Devices


Library Size

19000 tracks

Description of Issue

The volume increases reproducibly to max after 1 second. It is not possible to turn down the volume with the Roon app on the Windows Surface4 laptop or on the Iphone 12. As soon as you release the slider, the volume returns to max within 3 seconds.

Roon 1.8 814 on NAS (QNAP), 814 on client Linn DSM/3 (roon ready).
All software versions are up to date. (operating system, firmware, etc.)

The same thing happened (rarely, since not often in use therefore not detectable) with my KEF LSX (only roon tested).

Is there a solution or a hint? Thanks in advance.

Possibly it depends on the memory leak. Roon QNAP consumes 5G RAM during operation for about 30 days (starts with 300M RAM) - after rebooting the core the problem does not occure anymore. This is a workaround but not a solution :slight_smile: as I can’t always check memory consumption on the core before use.

In the meantime I restart Roon Core every night at 02:00 automatically.

My family, neighbors and I thank you very much.

Screenshots are following:

- after restart
before restart the core

I had this issue also a few times with my Kef LS50 Wireless (first generation) Since the last time I have set volume to maximum 80% in the Kef app. Very scary indeed!

Hi @Rainer_Muenzberg, has this always happened or is this something that started happening recently? If recently, was there any change in your setup at all?

If you use the Windows device as your Core just as a test do you see the same thing?

First of all, thanks for support - I’m a glad roon-user and I tell it e verybody loving music …

*Hi @Rainer_Muenzberg, has this always happened or is it recent? If it has occurred recently, have there been any changes to your setup?<<

No, my setup is still the previous one. LINN submitted some updates since Roon 1.3.

Then last night my residents were awakened, thank God my Dynaudio are stronger than the power amp or they would be in the eternal hunting grounds.

As far as I remember, the problem occurs since the early versions of 1.8s. OK, I thought, restart helps - will be solved soon, I thought. In the earlier versions (>1.3) this feature did not occur.

The solution so far is always to stop the core on the NAS and restart.

If you are testing using the Windows device as the core device, does the same problem occur?<<

I can try to install the core to on a Surface Book (i7) - that will take time, since the memory only fills up after some time and by nature a notebook is not in use permanently. I do my best.

Here the mem consumption since today morning (Speicher=memory; 1.7Gbyte)

Thanks for the details, @Rainer_Muenzberg. Can you reproduce this once more and then use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service). I’m going to have our QA team investigate. Thanks!

Thx - OK - i’ve prepared everything. What’s the account (e-mail) I have to share the dropbox link ? Or a PM to share with ?

I’ve followed up via PM, @Rainer_Muenzberg.

Hi Dylan, did you received everything ? I would like to delete my dropbox data. Thx for reply, regards

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Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Today the problem appears again on KEF LSX and on LINN DSM - so I think, this will not a problem of the endpoint. By hearing music and stop the sound the volume is increasing to the max again - in last case quiet. I 'will restart my core (using before restart 2.2 GB RAM and 0.5% CPU usage). I’ve make a film und mark the time (for me 11/03/2021 18:21 UTC+1).

Core on QNAP restarted, no changes, restart the client … perfect. Everythink works normal.
(all software ist as new as possible, all fixes etc)