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The symptom is that the volume goes out of control to maximum after 1 second.
It started after the update to Build 1353 and still mains after subsequent upgrades to later versions (1359 current).

I run a Mac mini as core. I have six setups of speakers, from cheap to expensive. The Mac runs with the latest software (Sonoma 14.1.2). I run multi room streaming with AirPlay since that is the only standard that applies to all speakers/amplifiers in the house.

Last summer I replaced an old Mac mini with the above one and I imported Roon via Apples Time Machine. Later I understood that this could cause problems. Thus I restored the Mac to factory and reinstalled everything (in order to fix my problem with the volume).

After the reinstallation of Roon everything actually seemed OK until I connected my iPad (iPad Pro M2 chip) as a remote. Then the problem started again. It works fine with my old iPhone as remote, but I really want to use the iPad since this is shared in the household. I have sort of lost trust in Roon and now I do not use it any longer out of fear of breaking the speakers. Please advice.

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Maybe you’ve got Lock Screen controls enabled, which warns about what you seem to experience … see screenshots …

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Why does this happen with Roon and not with any other apps?


I have tested this. Regardless if the control is enabled or disabled, setting the safe adjustments does not help. Also, regardless which amplifier I use in my house, there is no difference. I tested and set the max volume to 30 and comfort to 20. Then when I try to adjust the volume on the iPad it goes up to 100 immediately and I have to turn off the receiver. So this is not the solution. Today I upgraded to 1365 and no fix. Do you work for Roon Marin? Else I find the support from Roon to be lacking to say the least. To leave the support of a paid product in the hands of the users feels very unprofessional.

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No, I’m just a fellow user and sorry for not having contributed to fix your issue.

I’ll tag @support for you to alert the pros regarding your grief…

Hi Marin!

Thanks a bunch for the effort. It could have worked :slight_smile: . I am just somewhat surprised that Roon does not have any on-call support or direct support. Thanks for the tag. I had no idea that this was necessary. Does it say anywhere?

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It’s not necessary, as Roon support staff monitor the Support section of the forum.
However, it’s often used by others as gesture when handing over to Roon.

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Hi @Christian_Rinman,

Thanks for taking the time to write in! And thank you for the tag @Marin_Weigel.

As a next step, we’ll need a set of Roon logs from the affected iPad. Please use the directions found here and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader. If you have a specific date and time of when the issue occurs, that would be helpful as well.

And to triple confirm - this issue only occurs when using your iPad, correct?

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Hi! This is regarding this issue:

It has been closed by you, probably since you did not get any reply from me, but I have been traveling.

Anyhow, please reopen since still an issue.

I have uploaded a log file today. I included my email in the name of the log file. [redacted email address] Regarding the question if this occurs on all devices, yes - all devices, not only iPad but also iPhone. Thanks!

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Done, and I’ve also merged your new post into it so all the history is together.

Hi @Christian_Rinman,

Thanks for following up! The only ios device I see linked to your account is running on an outdated Roon version. Can you please update your devices to the current build and let me know if the issue persists?


yes, the update did not help. Same thing with all updates since version 13:53. None is fixing my problem.

Best regards,

Hi @Christian_Rinman,

You appear to still be running build 1388, our latest release is build 1392 for Roon Server and build 1390 for mobile remotes.

Please go ahead and update again and let me know if that helped :slightly_smiling_face:

I have updated everything.

Mac is running Sonoma 14.4.1
Roon Server build 1392
Remote 1390

Same thing, no change.

Best regards,

Hey @Christian_Rinman,

Thanks for the update, and I’m so sorry to hear you’re still experiencing this issue!

A follow-up question for you: what is the iPad system (not Roon) volume setting before you open Roon for the first time?

Could you share a video of what you experience specifically, and upload it here? From there our team will be able to enable diagnostic mode on the iPad specifically for further investigation.

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