Volume in group changes by itself

Roon Core Machine

Dell Optiplex
Intel Core i5

Networking Gear & Setup Details

UniFi Dream Machine Pro
UniFi Ac Pro
Qnap NAS

Connected Audio Devices

Hifiberry Dac+ RCA
Hifiberry Dac RCA
Hifiberry AMP2

Number of Tracks in Library

11000 Tracks

Description of Issue

Hello dear Roon team. Unfortunately I have an unpleasant problem. Every time I group two rooms, it happens that the volume in the grouped room is turned down. Whenever I adjust the volume, the second room goes very quiet. So that you have to adjust. Even if I set a volume limit, the value always drops to -100. Hifiberries are used as streamers. roof Dac+ and Amp2+. It occurs on all models, so it’s probably Roon’s fault. Many thanks in advance. Greetings Jan

Okay, it worked with the Ropieee Image.

So, does this mean that we can close this Support request? Thanks.

Yes, thank you

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