Volume increments with Meridian endpoints

The implementation of Meridian endpoints is especially nicely done – thanks for that. I love to be able to put the MS600 and DSP5200’s into stand-by through comms after listening.

The volume switcher allows for +1 and +10 increments. I find the latter to be too coarse (I never switch +10 in one go) – +5 increments would suit me just fine.

Maybe it’s just me, but I wanted to put this up for opinion.

I’m with you. On top of that, an accidental extra increment of +10 is not a very nice experience.

I use the 10 step a lot, but perhaps 5 might work too.

Agreed, I think I remember reading that an increase of 9 is the equivalent of a doubling in volume (I may be mistaken). An accidental press could result in pain at higher volumes!

I also think vol jumps in 5’s are a better option.

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I agree. We’re changing to 5 for the next build.