Volume leveling (auto, album, track) and ReplayGain

Hi all,

I just read the info about how it works but still I have doubts.

What happen exactly if:

  • The tracks are with ReplayGain tags
  • The tracks are with Mp3Gain tags
  • The tracks are without any normalization tags

Also, if I enable or disable the “ReplayGain infos read from file” from the Settings, what happen? Will Roon anylize ANYWAY the tracks? It’s just because Roon will analyze faster the tracks if I let it to read the ReplayGain infos?

In other words, Roon will anylize ALWAYS the tracks in spite of the presence or less of tags in the tracks?

Yes, analysis will always happen, since it also generates waveforms for display in-app, as well as detecting silence at the start or end of your tracks so that crossfade works properly.

Strictly speaking about the volume leveling feature, such “analysis” that Roon does always, will be used for normalize the audio in spite the presence or not of normalize tags into the tracks?

In other words, Roon will be able to normalize everything I will throw to it?

Yes, Roon performs its own volume level analysis conformant with the R128 broadcast standard. No matter what you have in your library, Roon can normalize the output levels.

So, when will we get waveforms and proper analyzes of Tidal stuff? Volume leveling would benefit from this, and its nice to see the waveform as well as dynamic range.

It should be possible to analyze a Tidal tune when it plays the first time, and then cache the result (maybe even cache it globally on server for all users).