Volume Leveling info when Volume Leveling is OFF

Hello, folks. What does Volume Leveling info in the “View File Info…” represent when Volume Leveling is turned OFF. I’m guessing that perhaps it’s what Track and Album volume leveling WOULD be had Volume Leveling been turned on, but I’m not sure.

Could someone validate please?

Hello @xred,

I kindly direct you to our knowledge base regarding Volume Leveling:


Hi @noris. Thanks very much for the quick response. I did read the article before posting. While it nicely explains Volume Leveling concept and parameters behind it, it does not address my question (at least the way I understand it). Namely, what do Track Gain and Album Gain represent when Volume Leveling is turned OFF.

Track and Album gain in file info is simply the metadata tag info containing the info from the files tag (if using the info from the tag) or the info from the Roon calculated adjustments. But none of this info is being used when volume level turned off. This data is no different from text in a COMMENT field in your metadata. It’s there, but not being used for playback.

Look at your path information when playing a song and you can see that there is no adjustment being made for volume leveling when off. But turn volume leveling on and you can see the playback path showing the adjustment being made.