Volume leveling set on Auto but different adjustments within the same album (Tidal)

I’ve noticed with volume leveling set to “Auto” that I often see different volume adjustments from track to track when listening to full albums from Tidal (not local files). For example, one track might show an adjustment of -0.8dB and the next track will show -0.4dB.

My understanding is that on Auto, the same volume leveling adjustment should be applied to consecutive tracks from the same album.

I’ve tried switching the volume leveling setting to “Album” and get the same results.

Is this expected behavior or possibly a bug?

My Roon core is Version 2.0, build 1193, on a Windows machine.

Example album?

Many Tidal albums, but here’s one example with screenshots of the different volume adjustments on adjacent tracks.

I can replicate this. Never noticed before but that does not say much. I would also expect that within an album the adjustment stays constant.

Seems to me that the fact that Roon produces the same results with Album or Auto setting, and that apparently you don’t see this with local files where Roon itself performs the analysis, it might point to Tidal’s volume data as the cause. (?)

Sadly this album is not on Qobuz for comparison

Thanks for checking that out - helpful to know it’s replicable. I’ll try to find a few more examples so you can check on Qobuz. I notice it mostly with classical albums, FWIW.

I’m happy to check others, as I have both streaming services. Interesting question

Check out tracks 3-4 on this album:

And tracks 1-2 here:

This album is twice in my Tidal, both 16/44.1. One has all tracks at -1.0 dB, the other has all tracks at 0.0 dB. Internally, they are both consistent from track to track.

Qobuz has one version, also 16/44.1, this is consistently +0.0.

Tidal 24/96 MQA: T1 -0.8, T2 -0.2, T3 -0.5 (didn’t check the rest)
Tidal 16/44.1 MQA: all tracks 0.0

Qobuz has the album twice as 24/96, all tracks on either are 0.0

My mistake - I sent the wrong screenshot for the first album (too many screenshots!). I also get consistent 0.0 adjustment on the first album, and I get the exact same results as you on the 2nd album of T1 -0.8, T2 -0.2, T3 -0.5 for 24/96 MQA, and 0.0 for 16/44.1 version.

So we are getting the exact same results across the board. Hopefully Roon staff will chime in.

On Tidal we get the same. None of the albums has an issue in Qobuz, including the hires that does have numerical jumps on Tidal.

Giving this a bump

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