Volume levelling/ ReplayGain in Import Settings

In Library > Import Settings there is a section “ReplayGain Tags” where you have two options. Are my following interpretations correct?

1/ If both are selected Roon defaults to the values contained within ReplayGain tags assuming they are present and if Volume Levelling is enabled for that zone?

2/ If only the first option is selected Roon does Volume Levelling based on its own calculations and ignores the ReplayGain tags?

3/ If Volume Levelling is enabled then selecting Option 1 has no effect since Roon uses its own methodology rather than ReplayGain?

The TL;DR version of this post is: if someone wants Roon to do their Volume Levelling and not use ReplayGain, assuming they’ve enabled it on the appropriate zone(s) what is the purpose of the first option in the import settings? :smiley:


Let’s keep this in one place. I’ll close this one – please continue in #support :