Volume levels? How to get them to match?

I might be overlooking something. But is there a way to make the volume the same on my Roon remote (Android and iPad) and my NAD C368? Also my PC for that matter.

When it’s at 58% (58/100) on my Note 9 (Android) it’s at 45 on my NAD C368’s screen.

Is it possible to get the numbers to match?

It’s also not the same when I open up Roon from my Core (My PC)

It should be the same, I suspect that Bluesound OS is not working as it should with Roon when feeding back. I take it you have the NAD device settings in Roon set to use device volume? If not then that might be the issue. My Naim Atoms volume displays the same on the unit as any the remotes that are used.

My Lumin D1 also tracks Roon exactly.

I mean. The NAD C368 + MDC BlueOS module is “Roon Ready” or whatever they call it.

Yes but BluOS can still be the issue here, it needs report things back to Roon from the amp and vice versa. BluOS has a history of broken Roon support, this may well another one. Roon will only relay info it’s given. It may also be a bug with Roon. I would flag @support to help as it might be a known issue.

How do I flag support?

Also apart from the volume being like 7 “values” lower on the NAD than on the Roon remote/core. It works flawlessly.

It’s was done for you in the post above

Hi @Thomas_Viegaard,

Can you please share a screenshot of your Roon Settings -> Audio -> Cogwheel Icon -> Device Setup tab for this zone?

I have the Comfort set to 80% but this issue I’m having is occuring no matter what its set to.

Hi @Thomas_Viegaard,

What is the volume of the NAD set to in the BluOS app? Can you please check to see that you have set it to the max volume there? Perhaps the discrepancy is due to the volume being set a bit lower in the BlueOS app.

If I set the Volume in BlueOS it also cranks the NAD C368 to 100. This does not help the difference between the Roon Core (also Roon Remotes) and my NAD C368.,

The volume in BlueOS matches the NAD, neither matches the Roon.

Hi @Thomas_Viegaard,

Apologies if I was not sufficiently clear in my latest comment.

In the BluOS app, you also have the option to set volume limits for your device, I believe you might have accidentally set a volume limit here and this is being reflected in the NAD C368 display.

Can you please check to make sure you haven’t set a volume limit in the Audio Settings of this deice? This is what the page I’m referring to should look like:

The default is -70dB to 0dB.

The max I can set the NAD C368 to is -80dB -> 0dB

I have tried both the -70 dB (standard) and -80 dB option, nothing changes there is still a difference.

Any update?

Hi? :d Any updates?

Hello @Thomas_Viegaard,

We had the development team take a look at this, thanks for your patience.

For Roon Ready devices, it is the endpoint’s responsibility to report the volume to Roon for display. It appears that in this case the C 368 is reporting the incorrect volume to Roon, causing the mismatch you are reporting.

We’re going to report this issue to the NAD technical team, I recommend you do so as well to ensure that they’re aware of this issue.


I assume they will be able to fix it with an update. Since it’s the MDC Module that acts as an endpoint (roon) from what I can understand.

I will report it to NAD too. Though it is a small “bug” so they might not be fast to fix it :d

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