Volume limited on NAD D1050 DAC

Two days ago I opened Roon and began playing a track from my NAS drive when I realized that the volume was being limited on my NAD D1050 Headphone DAC. I’m running Roon v1.5 Build 354, my MacMini running High Sierra 10.13.6 is the Roon Core. I’ve always had the volume set to Fixed and I control volume from the NAD’s volume knob. Now regardless of how much I try to turn up the volume using the NAD’s VC it will only play to a certain volume level and won’t increase beyond that level.

If I go into Settings > Audio > Device Settings (NAD) and set the Volume Control to Device Volume and then select Set Volume Limits, the Device Limits as reported by the device are both at zero and are unelectable. Not sure if that is normal, but this has never been a problem before. Wondering if something happened with the last update, etc.

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you,

Fixed it, I was having the same issue with my AudioQuest Dragonfly so I went into Apple Midi settings for the NAD and found, for whatever reason, that the two Master Stream analogue 1 & 2 levels were turned way down. Put them back to a value of 1.0/dB 0.0 and presto, the NAD DAC was cranking again.