Volume limits not available

Cannot enter volume limits, the accept change button is grayed out. System is Brooklyn+ to Windows 10 on a laptop. Latest version of Roon. I can set Roon to fixed volume and control volume in DAC or vice versa, but in neither case can I get Roon to accept volume limits. Can even have volume control in both at the same time, series volume controls, but limits are no go.


Hello @Sam_Edwards,

Can you try the following steps to see if you can get the Volume Limit to configure properly?

  1. Click the “reset” button on the “Volume Limits” pop-up.
  2. Set the “Comfort Limit” to a value lower than your intended “Safety Limit” value.
  3. Set the “Safety Limit” value.


No matter which selection I choose for the volume control, the reset command under volume limits is grayed out . I can put a number in a volume limit slot, but it reverts to 0 when I go to the next box.

Hello @Sam_Edwards,

Can you please share a screenshot regarding this behavior? I am able to set volume limits on my end without an issue. What values are you placing in the Comfort and Safety Limits?

These should be from 0 - 100 without any negative numbers and the comfort limit being higher than the safety limit, after that you should be able to hit save on Device Setup to save these limits. If you’re seeing otherwise please post a screenshot.


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