Volume not working from Roon

Volume in Roon not working. Device volume selected.

My nad c510 dac is connected to project stream box ultra s2. Roon is connected to stream box.

Volume is working from stream box app.

Please help.

Roon won’t control volume on a DAC unless it makes it available to it via USB it will assume it’s fixed volume . Lots of DACs with preamps don’t support this. I have two DACs that nothing other than the device itself can control whatever app is used. You can use DSP volume on the device to get around this. Some Roon Ready DACs have the ability for Roon to control the preamp but they are few and far between. Is the streambox controlling the volume on the DAC or is it DSP software volume?

Project Streambox is controlling DAC via USB. DAC set to fixed volume.

The volume works from the Pro-Ject streambox app but not from Roon. That means, I can pplay a song with Roon, and then see it in the Project app and change the volume. But not from Roon.

I’ve noticed that Roon does not recognize my DAC but does recognize “Roon ready streambox” as a bridge.

Check volume options in your bridge.

This is correct. Your DAC is neither RoonReady nor RoonTested. Roon wil play to your DAC nonetheless.

The volume control problem has been corrected by the most recent Pro-Ject firmware update.

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