Volume not working on mac OS and Antipodes DS

Roon Core
MacBook, Mojave 10.14.6, Roon build number 1.7 (build 667)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Audio Devices (Antipodes DS Ethernet connected)

Description Of Issue
Volume control now not working.

Possibly has something to do with having 2 x Antipodes Zones:

  • one Antipodes playing as it should through wifi connected MacBook controlling Roon and playing through hi-fi system as normal

  • Another Antipodes playing through MacBook.

How do I delete or do I need to delete a device/zone to fix?

Have been able to disable unneeded zone but volume control still not working

Hello @Brian_Thomas, could you please share a screenshot of Settings>Audio?

Also, Antipodes Settings/Roon Ready … is Volume Control set to ‘Software’?


Hi Nuwriy

I think I have fixed it after getting rid of an extra zone ( I had somehow set 2 zones for the same Antipodes device ) and changing to built in output.

I was also confused about 0dB rather than 100dB but it is working now which I am happy with.

I’ll try and attach a screenshot as requested just in case I still have settings wrong.

Thanks for your email.

Regards - Brian

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Hi Tony
Thanks for your reply and Volume Control wasn’t set to “Software”. Have done this but as mentioned I did manage to get it working by going through the Speaker icon bottom right Roon page and the settings option therein for the device that was showing at the time being Naim DAC-V1 ( in Zones ) to DSP. Now I have a new icon Antipodes and that is set to Device Volume and the previous Naim Dac-V1 ( in Zones ) has gone.
Anyway everything seem to be working fine now - listening to the new Bruce Springsteen through Tidal and it sounds pretty good. Cheers Brian.

Nuwiry - also please see post/ advice from Tony_Devitt from Antipodes and my reply.
Anyway everything seems to be goung fine now so Thanks again for your help.

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There does seem to be some confusion re Antipodes zones. In Settings/Roon Server on the Antipodes the ‘Local Playback’ option can be seen to have been enabled (the Connected to Core zone). If this is enabled Roon Ready on the Antipodes should not be used. Otherwise there will be a ‘Connected to Core’ zone (direct) and a Roon Ready zone (via RAAT) both contending for the single connection to the DAC, and only one will win. You can uninstall Roon Ready on the Antipodes, and reinstall later if you decide to use it…

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