Volume on Harman Kardon jumps to 100%

Hi @Eric,

I have the same problem.

When I send music from Roon to Airplay on my Harman Kardon amp, the volume goes all the way up to the max. Even if I start with my amp’s volume at zero, within a few seconds, it goes all the way to max.

I have toggled Volume Control in Roon to Yes and No, but it makes no difference.

I have Roon V1.3, build 276, on Windows 10, 64bit. At the moment, I only use Tidal.

Please help,



Hi @Jacob ----- Thank you for the report, the insight is appreciated! I have went ahead and moved your post out to it’s own thread so we can address this behavior with you directly.

Moving forward, may I very kindly ask you to please…

  1. Verify the exact model amplifier you are using from Harman Kardon.

  2. Confirm how the device is communicating with your Network (i.e over WiFi or a hardwired connections).

  3. Reproduce the issue once more and note the time when it occurs. Once I have this information I will enable diagnostics on your account so we can try to get a sense of what is could be causing this behavior to occur.