Volume on ID41 out of sync between iPad and MacOS client

I haven’t put my finger on the exact conditions that precede this behavior. But there are times when moving the volume slider on the iPad app doesn’t change the volume slider on the MacOS app. I noticed it because, for example: with the volume on both devices at 60, I’ll slide it down to 50 on the iPad and then I’ll want to slide it down more from MacOS. and the volume jumps up suddenly because on the Mac I’m still stuck at 60.

Just now I was able to move the slider on the iPad up and down all I want and the MacOS app volume slider didn’t budge.

Anyone seen this?

Roon 1.4 (build 300) stable.

I’ve just experienced a similar issue. This time, I adjust the volume using the the Meridian remote. The Mac OS client doesn’t update its volume while the iPad app does.