Volume problem not at 100% on NAD C658 with latest firmware and Roon last update

I have something strange with the volume control of the NAD C658. Since that last Roon update the volume on the C658 only goes to 80% on the front display of the C658 even if Roon volume slider is set to 100%.

This is a 20% loss of power on all the volume output of the NAD C658.

My power amp was off while I was trying the maximum volume test.

I have set this for audio volume

Min = 0
Max = 100
Comfort zone = 50

Anyone with the C658 (3.8.13) and Roon (v1.7 build 571) can test this behaviour ?


Does this mean that you’ve entered these values manually?

While I don’t have the device in question, all of my devices populated the Min/Max values automatically when I first switched to “Device Volume”. The Max value doesn’t have to be 100. My Android device for example has a Max value of 15. Yours might be 120.

Note: If you’re unsure, try and “Load Defaults” in Device Setup.

The default max volume is 100 for the NAD C658.