Volume self adjusts randomly after latest update

Roon Core Machine

iMac Pro, Latest model, plenty of RAM, big enough CPU, nothing changed

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Apple AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express, nothing changed

Connected Audio Devices

T+A SD 3100 HV streaming DAC

Number of Tracks in Library

Mostly streaming, very few tracks in local library

Description of Issue

New problem after latest update enabling volume adjustment with volume buttons on iPads and iPhones as follows:

When adjusting the preamp volume (T+A SD 3100 HV) in the Roon App at my iPad or my iPhone, the volume randomly self adjusts back to the previous level set before adjustment.
Example: Volume is set at 22 on my preamp and shows as 22 in the Roon app.
I either try to adjust the level to 23 by pushing the volume up button on my iPad or by adjusting by pressing + in Roon. The volume then self adjusts back to 22 by it self, automatically.
The same thing happens when pushing + 3 times. If I push + 5 times, quickly, it might stay at 27, but randomly self adjusts back one or two steps. If I use my preamp remote volume buttons, it does not self adjust, only when using the volume buttons on the iPad/iPhone. Can you please let us disable this new annoying feature, or fix this problem?

Hi @Bard_Lie_Henriksen, do you see this with any other devices or just the T+A?

Would you be able to get a recording of this happening? We’ll take a look at the recording and enable diagnostics so we can see what’s happening during this time. Thanks!

It has not happened again the last few days since I wrote this post. Will come back again if the problem shows up again

Here we go again. I now got to make a couple of videos that shows the problem described.
I have used Roon several times between the first post and this post, without the problem occurring. It comes back randomly and disappears when restarting the Roon core on my iMac Pro. See the two videos in this shared album:

The same thing happens when I adjust the volume manually using the volume knob on my T+A P 3000 HV preamp.