Volume setting when used together with Roon

Hi HQPlayer friends,

maybe I am just confused bit if i use HQPlayer together with Roon I am not able to permanently set HQPlayers volume out of the red and yellow range.

If I am using HQPlayer alone and move the volume „knob“ until it turns white then this is a permanent setting that will be there when i close and restart HqPlayer.

If I use it together with roon it will be set to full ( red ) volume level whenever i start Roon and HQPlayer. Is there a setting that I didn‘t get?

I am neither using Roons Volume nor HQPlayers Volume sliders and therefore would like to have it permanently set to the maximum white volume level.

Maybe somebody has an idea? If I was able to explain what I want :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

I have not encountered such problem yet. HQPlayer should be running before starting Roon. But I’m assuming you are doing this already.

If you don’t need the volume control, you can just set both minimum and maximum in HQPlayer settings to -3 dBFS. This prevents adjustments…

I can confirm that Roon does not set HQPlayer volume except when you move Roon’s volume controls.

Thank you Jussi and Brian,

I used to start Roon prior to HQPlayer. I will check later if a reversed starting order will solve the issue.

If not I will follow Jussi’s advice to fix the volume by setting minimum and maximum volume to -3 dBFS. I am sorry that I did not see this solution by myself.

Thanks and regards