Volume settings using a Schiit stack?

After blowing out my eardrums last night, it slowly occurred to me that I needed to research what the volume settings for this audio source should be.

The Schiit stack is a Vali 2 with external volume knob, a Modi multibit DAC, and a RasPi as the source. I thought it would be set up the same in Roon as my full stack, which is a Bryston BDP3 and Vinnie Rossi LIO preamp (external volume knob) but apparently not. Under Roon, when the latter is set as external volume “none” when this is actually not true (volume button on headphone amp.)

How do I set the volume in Roon so that it’s fixed (but not maxed out) and variable on the HPA?


When you say “HPA” do you mean the Vali2?
If so, the knob on the Vali2 should not be affected by anything you do in ROON, you should still be able to control the Vali2;s volume.
I have my RPi (with Digi+ Pro hat) zone set like this:

An I control the volume of my amps and KEFLS50W with their own volume controls.
I am in the habit of turning the volume all the way down on the headphone amps I have when switching.

Yep that’s exactly what I mean. I assumed the settings you’re using (and what I used) would work, the only issue is that the fixed output from Roon delivers a signal to the headphone amp that is already at volume 11/10, even when the amp’s volume knob is minimized. Wonder what I’m doing incorrectly?